Adrenal-Friendly Fitness & Wellness Program

Specially Created for Adrenal Fatigue & Extreme Burnout Sufferers

Only $297 AUD ($219 USD)

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

Light + Nurturing Exercise

Enjoy Light To Moderate 'Adrenal-Friendly’ Movement Routines (To Nurture You + Release Stress)

The Safest Exercise

Enjoy a Unique Combination of Pilates + Yoga + Light Fitness

Strengthen + Stretch

Easily Strengthen + Stretch + Nurture
Your Body During Adrenal Fatigue Right From Home

Specially for Adrenal Fatigue + Burnout Sufferers

Enjoy A Realistic + Sustainable Way To Exercise (Beginner Friendly)

No Equipment

All you need is an optional band

How Does Adrenal Fit Work?

It’s easy! I’ve taken the guesswork out of how to exercise safely during adrenal fatigue with my easy-to-follow three-phase system!

PHASE 1- RESTORE: Nurture + Gently Mobilise Your Body

Easily bring calm to your body and relieve stress by doing nurturing, restorative light movement

This helps restore your parasympathetic nervous system and rebalance the fight or flight response

PHASE 2 – REBALANCE: Energise + Align Your Body

Enjoy building your strength (without crashes) as you discover the right styles and amount of movement for your body

Achieve your rebalanced and stronger body easily here by following the Adrenal Fit guide + routines

PHASE 3 – REIGNITE: Strengthen + Sculpt Your Body

An exciting phase to enter as you are now able to complete exercise free from the worry that it's too much

Your body can now handle various styles of exercise to easily achieve your all of your fitness + body goals

Lifetime Access

What is Adrenal-Friendly Exercise & Why Is It Important?

If you are going through Adrenal Fatigue the last thing you may be thinking of is exercising. Your energy is likely the lowest it has ever been.

I get it. In fact, I was there myself for two years even as a busy, ‘fit’ personal trainer where I was sleeping most days for hours on end and getting sick, worsening my level of fatigue because I was still trying to exercise as I did for years prior.

If you are going through adrenal fatigue it is vital you modify your exercise and movement to avoid energy crashes, feeling zapped and poor muscle recovery.

This is why I created Adrenal Fit – a program to help you AVOID the common mistakes of exercising during adrenal fatigue and help you gently maintain your strength and mobility without causing more stress.


Adrenal Fit Eguide & Instructions Value $97

Learn the exact way to safely rebuild your fitness during and beyond adrenal fatigue and how to best follow this plan

15+ Follow-Along ‘Adrenal-Friendly’ Workouts Value $157

Gently activate & nurture your muscles with very light to moderate movement to ensure your baseline strength & mobility remains

Breathing & Mindfulness Techniques Value $27

Relax & calm your body & mind with these easy to follow techniques

Weekly Trackers Value $17

Easily track your energy and progress to safely build your movement & strength during and after adrenal fatigue


Bonus 1 The Anti-Anxiety Formula

The Anti-Anxiety Formula is an easy to follow, step-step program to help you fast-track your healthier state of mind and release anxiousness from your life, assisting with overall fatigue recovery.


Bonus 2 1% Better: Efficient Living Guide

The 1% Better for Efficient Living Guide teaches you a practical, progressive way to improve on all areas of life in a way that is manageable and achievable during and beyond adrenal fatigue.


Bonus 3 Access to Private FB Group

Being supported by our community of people going through the same journey will help you feel part of a team that has your back, and is there to support you.


Get Adrenal Fit Now for a one-time payment of $297 AUD!

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Meet Your Instructor VANESSA B:

I’ve got your back and I know what it feels like to be going through adrenal fatigue.

Use the power of my safe + adrenal-friendly movement system starting TODAY to help your body get strong and energised now and beyond adrenal fatigue.

I look forward to seeing you in the program,
Vanessa B xx

20 Years Experience

Certificate 3 + 4 Fitness

Level 2 APMA Pilates

Award for Innovation In Healthcare

Nutrition + Rehab + Special Populations Qualified

Pregnancy + Postnatal Pilates & Fitness Certified

Self-Healed from Adrenal Fatigue

Health + Fitness Presenter | Writer

Adrenal Fit is suitable for anyone going through or coming out of the first three (3) stages of Adrenal Fatigue. The 4th Stage of AF is very serious and you would be in touch with medical experts at this point, not looking at fitness programs just yet. Within all modules there are videos and modifications to cater for each of the first 3 stages of AF in a way that is nurturing and respectful to where your body is at. Your energy will also fluctuate during this journey, so check out the Guide on some handy tips and exercise advice to enhance your experience. No matter where you are on this journey, I’ve got you covered! From seated routines to complete relaxation to gentle strength, there is something here for you.

Great question! I was the same, trying to work at gyms as a busy personal trainer going through AF. If you have zero energy, you will stick to the Level 1 (very gentle) routines until you build up that base stamina. Then progress to Level 2 and 3 routines once it’s suitable. I will teach you how to easily work through this in the Adrenal Fit program and become a master at intuitively exercising for life. The thing is you cannot do ‘nothing’ for the entirety of your AF or you will struggle getting back into movement later down the track. If you have zero energy, then my very light and restorative sessions will actually help gently boost your energy without leaving you feeling zapped. All routines are very short (under 15 minutes, some as short as 4 minutes) so it’s also manageable with low or moderate energy.

As with any fitness, wellness and movement program, you must consult your doctor and/or physiotherapist regarding your specific conditions. Adrenal Fit has been designed to cater for adrenal issues, gently building fitness and energy for those with ‘abled’ bodies. This is not an injury-rehabilitation program for specific conditions (like back problems, knee issues, shoulder impingements) and any other specific injury or condition. This is a general program in nature and if you require 1:1 consulting, book with Vanessa Bartlett for a tailored program or advice.

I am hoping you do not have AF during pregnancy, but if you do, consult with your doctor that exercise is firstly safe for you during pregnancy, and if so, you must make very specific modifications at each trimester to ensure you prevent and aid your body and core in recovery correctly. So Adrenal Fit is NOT suitable for pregnancy as it does not take into account the specific safety modifications you need to make to exercise during pregnancy. If you need a Pregnancy-Safe Exercise & Wellness Program, check out my Preggy Strong Program, designed specifically for Mums to be,a must-have tool for any mum wanting to stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and beyond : 

Each routine (including fitness workouts, Pilates, yoga-based routines, stretches and meditations) are all under 15 minutes. Some of the lighter ones are even 4-7 minutes long. This makes it realistic and achievable as I know your energy is limited if you have AF. The last thing you want to be doing is adding to the problem and attempting very long routines and setting yourself back. Over time you will be able to increase your duration after you have built back your energy and are free of AF.

Once purchased, you will receive an automatic email from my system with login details. You will then be able to access the Members Area at where your full program and bonuses await. You will have lifetime access to the program.

In being in this industry for 20 years and going through AF myself, I have pieced together the most effective exercises from the disciplines of Pilates, Yoga, Traditional Fitness, Cardio and Strength Exercise modalities for your maximum results, variety and overall balanced fitness. There is not one discipline that overrides the rest (although you may hear me talk about Pilates a bit generally as it paved the way for me back to fitness, linking the ‘softer’ mind + body styles back to the fitness world). I discovered the ‘sweet spot’ and being able to build your fitness in a balanced and holistic way (especially during AF) comes from a multifaceted approach. If you only focus on one discipline all on its own, you will lack other areas of strength. For example – Yoga does not give you cardio endurance, Pilates does not give you cardio endurance, but cardio and fat burning moves do not give you core strength and flexibility, the list goes on! My routines contain the best of all these disciplines with extra consideration to restoring your adrenals and reducing stress during and after the workouts for the absolute safest and most enjoyable approach to fitness during and beyond AF.

You need only minimal equipment. Most videos require no equipment other than an exercise mat. You will also need the following for some routines : A chair, some cans of food as a small weight (optional), a resistance band (optional), a small pillow (for neck or hip support, optional).

No, it is not specifically a weight-loss program. During Adrenal Fatigue your goal is to restore your body back to complete balance and homeostasis where your hormones, endocrine system and basic functions are once again optimal. It is unrealistic to have weight loss and high-level fitness goals during adrenal fatigue. My three phases ‘restore, rebalance and reignite’ will gradually build your fitness to a level where your body can tolerate the exercise required for fat loss and transformation. The reality is if you are in the midst of AF where it is affecting your daily life, place the weight loss goals aside for a while and revisit them once you have restored your body and are feeling the energy and strength come back. Adrenal Fit will guide you every step of the way.

It caters for the first three (3) stages of Adrenal Fatigue. I have created routines ranging from very light and restorative, short routines to slightly more moderate, each with a guideline as to the stage of Adrenal Fatigue it is suitable for. Once you read through the Adrenal Fit Guide it will clearly explain how you can modify your movements and exercise for each stage of AF to ensure you are working at a level conducive to what you are going through, making exercise a help (instead of a hindrance) to your overall recovery.

If you are in stage 4 then it is a very serious medical condition and you need the immediate advice from your doctor. Movement and exercise would not be on your mind at this point at all. You can revisit this program later.

You can refer to my colleagues at Dr Lam for an explanation of the four stages here :