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Ditch The New Year Resolutions For Revamping Existing Solutions Instead

Jan 5, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Happy new year everyone! It’s that time again when we have a spritely spark in our step with motivation and willpower often at its peak.

For some this is a regular, yearly occurrence and for others, well, it may not even be a thing.

I got to thinking the other day about what resolutions actually are.

By definition, the word resolution means ‘a firm decision to do or not to do something.’

This sounds quite absolute and like you are hedging your bets on the fact that you will stick to doing or not doing the thing in its entirety, which opens up failure as the other possible outcome.

Likely not a great way for your mindset and motivation long term.

Another definition is ‘the act or process of changing to a simpler form.’

I like the feel of this as it invites the idea of reducing overload and simplifying, both of which are helpful in any life endeavour and reboot phase.

Then I realised, it does not have to be so ‘absolute’ to be ‘resolute,’ anyway.

What if resolutions can be taken on as re-doing, or reworking existing solutions that you likely have already within your scope instead of reinventing everything (which takes up huge energy and is probably unrealistic for most to continue fulfilling those huge changes.)

What if the solutions or resolutions we seek are already right under our nose and it’s simply a matter of reconnecting to your higher self, true self, whatever you want to call this element of centeredness and self-connection, figuring out what you really want, and then applying what works for you in a practical sense in your world.

So many people just say ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ this year, but never actually do it or get there. This requires a whole other post as to why, but on some level perhaps there is a lack of actually wanting it. It just sounds like a cool goal and/or resolution. 

Identifying what you truly want on a personal, deeper level is so important instead of going along with what you think you need to commit to because everyone else is doing that thing.

What if you already know what you need to do, and instead of being so absolute and firm in January, take a deep look at the way in which you are already doing things, doing life.

A little change can go a long way, and for those who actually succeed with applying actions that work towards their resolutions (beyond more than two or four weeks), then it comes down to being realistic for your current life situation and working from there.

This can be applied to any life area too.

Hint – always choose the path of least resistance to avoid overwhelm and enjoy the prospect of a foreseeable achievement.

For example, if you keep hitting a wall with your fitness routine, or getting bored, it doesn’t feel right for your body, it’s a massive chore, then look at another option to move your body. 

Go enrol in local or online dance classes, or go swimming, or try something totally different that appeals to you as an individual on a level of bringing enjoyment.

Sure, you have to be regimented to a certain degree if you have set goals like wanting to build lean muscle or something specific, but allow freedom and enjoyment within your routine either way.

(You could start right here with a low-impact, beginner-friendly fitness plan free on my YouTube Channel with thousands of others, the 30 Day Reshape Challenge – Only 20 mins a day!

*For those more advanced, it’s time for you to do Body Lean, my latest holisitic, strength & fitness reshaping program including mindfulness routines plus gut-healthy, tasty meal plans to get you feeling fab again, join here! Only 25 mins a day!)

Maybe you could factor in that ‘fun’ activity weekly or fortnightly or even monthly to keep you feeling happy about your overall plan.

For people who are burned out and sick of feeling tired, exhausted and unable to live life to the full (I work with many people in this space and get them into a positive energy flow in 12 weeks or less, you can apply here for 1:1 coaching), then it’s definitely time to look at your daily life habits.

This includes literally everything you do in a day and carefully looking at the type of stress this may induce within your life.

(Note – this is assuming one has had their medicals checked over by a health practitioner, and you then know what you are dealing with, for example, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, iron, adrenal issues, etc.)

Everything you do requires an energy output, and for some people energy is already low. So I would be looking carefully at what you are giving your energy to and if it’s absolutely necessary.

(You can watch my tutorial for more info on this: How To Overcome Burnout In 4 Easy Steps, right here.)

Often we over-complicate things and do not fully appreciate what we already have at our disposal, and that includes that deeper, inner power of tapping into our abilities when we are less stressed. (When in high, chronic stress your brain triggers the amygdala which can inhibit creativity and rational thinking.)

In recently going through a reboot phase myself with a major relationship ending and navigating this with my boys, living arrangements and what our new future looks like, it has certainly been a time for me to look at simplifying and refining all life areas for the path of least resistance.

I have applied what I am encouraging you to do here in all life areas. Firstly, look at the way I am doing all things including thoughts, behaviours, emotional management and healing, mum stuff, business stuff, self-care, daily life and then look at what I truly desire and can easily action to work towards it, rather than taking on a blunt resolution of the be-all or end-all.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s not when you do it little by little, free of overwhelm. 

And that is a major key in this, that your new years ‘solutions,’ are done on your path of least resistance.

Overload and overwhelm often get in the way when it comes to breaking down the daily or weekly steps you need to take in order to make the thing happen, which stalls your progress and action.

We have heard of the SMART goal principle (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) when setting goals, but again I have found this to cause stress for people who firstly are not overly numbers-oriented, and secondly because it lacks a deep emotional connection for the purpose of letting your soul have something to want and strive for. It’s too linear (for some!)

None of this matters though if you do not truly know what you want and what you stand for as an individual. If you can take these preliminary steps and identify what this is to you, then you are on a better path to your reigniting your solutions, or re-solutions.

So, if you are wanting to embark on that more energised, engaged, less stressed, more productive, fitter version of yourself to be the one that can hold it together when chaos arises, or when crap hits the fan, or when your work, your kids, your loved ones need you, then I invite you to a new years redo of existing solutions. Obviously, if things are way off course, dump them and focus on what works for you.

And take your time. Just because it’s January it does not mean you have to go hard and fast now or miss the boat. You could start by getting out a clean sheet of paper or a document on your digital planner or filing system and nutting out where you are at with some life areas like personal, fitness & health, career, family, social. Then look at what you already have in abundance in these areas, and what you may desire for your next evolution.

The world is your oyster.

I’ve opened my calendar for a complete 12 Week Lifestyle & Fitness Reboot for those wanting more energy, better stress resilience, fitness to a level that actually makes you feel good, and for those wanting to reignite that spark and centredness to help you elevate your life. 

You can apply here if it sounds appealing to you, my spots are limited though to 10 new clients a month (and I won’t take you on if it’s not the right fit for us both or if I cannot help you). For those of you who are more advanced and have mastered the basics and your rhythm within all areas, then it’s time to go for even greater heights.  You can apply for my personalised coaching 1:1 here either way and we will see if it’s the right fit, and if it is, you can look forward to life, health, fitness and energy on your terms, stat.

Let’s do this and make 2023 like no other.

Power To Your Core,

Vanessa Bartlett  xx

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