Learn an easy-to-follow eating style designed to give your body energy, nutrition and a metabolism kick-start!
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Build your inner health and revitalise your body and mind while kick-starting your metabolism and learn how to ‘Eat for Energy!’

Enjoy eating delicious recipes at every meal, making healthy eating easy to maintain.

Eating is 70% of your health results! If you are doing exercise but not eating correctly you will be lacking in important nutrition and fuel for your body.

I created this meal guide after going through adrenal fatigue and learning the best foods to eat to help me feel energised again, taking away that ‘sluggish’ feeling we can often feel with stress, busy life and choosing unhealthy foods. When you learn to ‘Eat for Energy’ instead of calorie counting, you can build a healthier relationship with food and improve your lifestyle, energy, body shape and wellbeing from the inside out.

In learning to eat in a way that firstly helps you shift to a more positive mindset around food, you will then be able to improve your metabolism, feel balanced from the inside, gain energy and shed unwanted weight.

After years of seeing hundreds of people put in the hard yards with various forms of exercise for weeks, months, years only for the results of not much change in their body or health at all.

The healthy body equation is getting the combination right with eating, lowering stress, balancing out your exercise and getting rest. That’s when you get the results you desire!

Achieving great health, vitality and a healthy body comes from choosing high-quality foods and knowing how to balance it out so you do not get hungry or feel like you are missing out!

Time after time I have seen people starve themselves or follow extreme regimes for the sake of losing a few pounds where the weight goes back on after they go back to normal.

This causes havoc for your mindset, developing a poor relationship with food, only to throw you back into the cycle of looking for the next best thing. And the cycle continues! This only creates a poor relationship with food, causing you to continually find quick fixes which do not deliver results for your health.

It’s Time To Break The Cycle!

The Eat for Energy Healthy Eating Guide was designed to help you kick-start your metabolism without going to extreme lengths. For too long I have seen so many people yo-yo diet year after year, often with no change in their body shape and never really ‘feeling’ healthy.

Food is 70 % of your health ! In doing the exercise well that’s literally the icing on the cake. There is always such an emphasis on calorie counting for weight loss and counting every gram of carbs, fats, proteins. Sure, you need to get the right balance of foods but in a way that’s stress-free and intuitive to your own needs.

The ‘Eat for Energy’ Guide will teach you a simple way to choose great foods that work for you and your energy and health needs. You won’t even see any calorie counting in the guide because you do not need to do that anymore for great results.

This is the perfect compliment to your ’21 Day Body Shift’ Holistic Home Exercise Program and has been designed specifically for it ! This meal guide is also great to use on its own if you are wanting to focus purely on healthy eating aswell.

What’s Included

21 Day Meal Plan using recipes from the ‘Eat For Energy’ Guide, including mostly gluten-free and vegan recipes. Enjoy a variety of tasty and healthy meals that will help cleanse and re-balance your body and kick-start your metabolism.

Important information on how to eat if you have had high stress, adrenal fatigue or hit ‘burnout.’ It’s vital that you understand how to eat correctly without excluding foods that could give you energy at these times, or you will be missing good nutrition that will affect your health and energy.

Learn the simple way of how to ‘Eat for Energy’ that you can take with you for life! Based on good, wholesome eating for a healthy , balanced body without the calorie counting. For too long I’ve seen people get caught up in only looking at calories, rather than whole nutrition and this can be detrimental for your body and your mindset too! Eating should be enjoyed and not feared, so it’s time to change to a more balanced mindset around your food habits.

Success Stories Eating For Energy…

We don’t calorie count. We eat for nutrition and health. Food is 70% of your body’s weight, feeling, function. Work smarter, not harder.
Vanessa Bartlett (Me!)
Years ago when I had ‘adrenal fatigue’ I was never overweight but did have excess belly fat (this is caused by too much cortisol in your system which can happen when you hit burnout point). I always felt sooooo tired too, especially after eating certain foods like processed sugars. I decided to research into what foods ‘give’ you energy, and helped heal my condition and feel at least a bit better through food. The rest was lifestyle change. Fast forward I gained alot of weight in my pregnancy from eating takeaway nearly every day ( as I craved it!) and so reverted back to my OWN ‘eat for energy’ principles, helping me reduce all the baby weight plus get rid of excess tummy fat.
Ahlam K
Doing Vanessa’s exercise program was the best thing for me, but I knew I had to get on track with food too. I started by reducing my portions and keeping that balanced approach. I love Vanessa’s approach as it’s nothing too crazy, but more of a lifestyle change that you can keep up. I feel lighter and have reduced body fat in changing my eating plus the exercise. I love it!
Fatma Y
I was feeling tired and demotivated after having my kids, but I knew food had to change. I followed Vanessa’s advice and do her programs and found that by changing a few small things in my food and following her guidelines it’s made a huge difference for me and my body shape. I am more disciplined with food now and feel in control of it.
What you get in the ‘Eat for Energy’ Healthy Eating Guide
Access to 30+ recipes – Gain access right away to your healthy recipes designed to help you feel healthier and more vibrant. (Most recipes included are gluten-free and vegan, giving you options for this throughout.)

Look forward to maximising your health and well-being results using this guide in conjunction with your 21 Day Body Shift holistic exercise program! This guide is great to use on it’s own if you are wanting a healthy eating kick-start on its own too.

Learn the secret to ‘eating for energy’ – Eliminate calorie counting for good while discovering a new mindset to have about food that you can take with you for life.
Get access to a variety of tastes and palates each recipe.
Discover tips to eating when fatigued - When you have had high levels of stress or adrenal fatigue you may often feel depleted. Discover the best ways to combine your food for energy and to keep you full without skipping meals.
Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods - Most of the recipes are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, so you can cleanse your body for maximum results.
PLUS 3 Bonuses…
BONUS 1 – 21 Day Meal Plan for energy and a clean eating kick start – it can be tricky knowing what to eat and when, so I have put together a 21 day full meal plan so you can enjoy the recipes plus get healthy at the same time.
BONUS 2 – Healthy Snacks & Desserts Guide – healthy snacks need not be boring! Enjoy these recipes guilt-free for snacks and desserts so you don’t miss out on the good stuff (you can use these recipes during your 21 Day Meal Plan too!)

BONUS 3 – Healthy Juice Guide – juicing is a great way to cleanse your body and add extra nutrition, learn some helpful tips on juicing and enjoy these great recipes whenever you like

Healthy food every day

Enjoy lots of variety

Yummy meals and snacks

Kick start your healthy eating now and take what you learn with you for life!
My goal is to help you achieve a healthy body from the inside out, with energy and strength to do the things you love. We have all learned our food habits from our family, the media and our external influences throughout life.

If your food habits are not serving you right now, then it’s time for a change.

(This is my bub Lincoln and I and yes, he and I enjoy eating lemons just like they were oranges!)

Grab your ‘Eat for Energy’ Healthy Eating Guide and change your well being starting now!
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