Pilates & Core Workouts

Jul 26, 2022 | Pilates & Core Workouts, Video | 0 comments

Pilates is my baseline workout style for any routine and is fantastic for that complete mind and body approach, coupled with the ability to strengthen your core, align and tone your whole body holistically.

I discovered the power of Pilates when going through adrenal fatigue & burnout for two years, where I could no longer sustain regular fitness routines as it caused me more burnout and fatigue.

Pilates was able to uplift all aspects of my low mental and physical energy at that point, plus help me maintain a good level of strength and tone without needing to go full out.

Pilates can help align, strengthen and tone your body in a way that is nurturing yet quietly strengthening. I recommend you include at least one to two of these sessions a week to complement your other routines, whether you are beginner or advanced.


(It’s free on my YouTube channel, Vanessa B Health TV)

Post your comments and progress on each video and I will get back to you if you have any questions! Good luck, see you there!

Vanessa B


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