Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is truly a joyous time in your life. You will go through a lot of changes both mentally and physically as your beautiful baby grows, so it’s time to take care of YOU.

Pregnancy and being a mum is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life, one that will require energy, stamina and a lot of endless love.

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Staying strong, healthy and stress free is a must so you can:


Switch on your core, pelvic floor and muscles for a healthy postnatal recovery


be able to deal with physical changes to your posture, pelvis and energy as they arise


help your body manage aches and pains during your pregnancy

be in a more calm and centred state for the birth and beyond

assist with the birth more easily and proactively with greater muscle awareness

A great way to achieve this is to exercise and read all the books you can, right? Sounds good in theory, but hard to put into practice without being completely overwhelmed or confused…
Get it for $197 (lifetime access)

At this point you may be wondering:

  • ♦ Where do I start?
  • ♦ What will I do ?
  • ♦ Can I do cardio?
  • ♦ Can I do core work?
  • ♦ What am I allowed to do that’s safe for the baby and me?
  • ♦ How do I work my pelvic floor?
  • ♦ What can I do about back pain?
  • ♦ How can I stay at a healthy weight?
  • ♦ Is it even possible to keep my body toned?
  • ♦ What if I get low blood pressure?

I hear you. All of these are valid questions that need clarification to help you feel confident during your pregnancy.

This is why I created a program just for you, amazing mum to be.

Welcome to Preggy Strong

A pregnancy program created to bring clarity, guidance and assurance around exercise and wellness for mums to be.

As a personal trainer, Pilates instructor and trainer mentor I realised there was a lot of incongruent and confusing information out there for pregnant women.

And to be completely honest, I’ve witnessed many instructors (both online and face to face) over the years giving out exercises to pregnant women that are simply not safe or conducive to how your body actually changes during this important time.

Even as I went through my pregnancies (two so far!) I experienced huge changes in my body, needing to massively adapt what I had normally done with my own exercise.

With such limited energy, breathing difficulties, extreme back and pelvic pain to the point where walking was difficult, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic floor weakness (just to name a few) I was grateful I had learned exactly how to adapt my own exercise regime which also served well postnatally.

You see, it’s not only about your pregnancy. It’s about being able to regain your strength, core, pelvic floor, mobility, posture and manage stress with your beautiful baby in this exciting new chapter.

Your postnatal recovery will likely be easier mentally and physically if you stay physically strong during pregnancy.

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I learned this first hand where I endured a large ‘rectus diastasis,’ (abdominal separation), injured coccyx, very weak pelvic floor, severe back pain and a 14 kg weight gain first pregnancy.

It was a long road to recovery despite everyone saying ‘you will be fine during your pregnancy, birth and afterwards being a trainer.’

It was not easy, but I was certainly grateful that I knew how to build back up and had done appropriate exercise during pregnancy to maintain muscle awareness and a strong mental space for postnatal recovery.

But it worried me so many women were confused around this whole process. So I wanted to piece it together for you.

Preggy Strong is a comprehensive resource where you will gain access to SAFE and EFFECTIVE exercises along with vital knowledge about how to manage all the different bodily changes that may come up during pregnancy.

It’s your time to connect with yourself and your baby for a beautiful experience during pregnancy and beyond.

Get it for $197 (lifetime access)

The Preggy Strong Online Home Program is:

  • Simple, and easy to follow with helpful information and exercise plans to help you implement safe workouts
  • Balanced & holistic in the approach to exercise (I only use Pilates, bodyweight and band exercises – no high impact, weights or loaded moves)
  • A strength, muscle awareness and wellbeing program you can do right from home to gain and maintain wellness and physical strength
  • A vital reference resource for any mum to be if you want to experience a healthier pregnancy and easier postnatal recovery

Feel stronger, more energised and centred throughout your pregnancy & beyond

Here’s what’s included in Preggy Strong:

Instant digital download of the Preggy Strong Ebook (165 pages) where you will learn:
  • A complete exercise glossary over 60+ pregnancy safe exercises and description of Pilates based, bodyweight and resistance band exercises to strengthen, tone and stretch your whole body safely during pregnancy
  • How to mix and match the exercises either with no equipment or including a resistance band- all optional (work your posture, legs, arms, back, butt, stretch the whole body and train the pelvic floor)
  • Balanced exercise plans giving you holistic workouts and stretches for each trimester
  • Exactly what exercises to do and NOT to do during pregnancy for your and your baby’s wellbeing
  • How to work your core during pregnancy and how this can aid in your recovery (plus what NOT to do with your core muscles during pregnancy)
  • What happens at each trimester and how to adapt that into your exercise and wellbeing practices
  • How your body changes during pregnancy (covering the things that people do not really talk about)
  • How your body changes postnatally and how you can manage this for less stress and a faster, safe recovery 
  • How you can avoid and manage back pain in your lower, upper and mid back
  • How to build your pelvic floor for pregnancy and postnatal recovery
  • How to help prevent and rectus diastasis (abdominal separation) plus the activities to avoid if you have it
  • How to relieve stress and maintain emotional health during pregnancy
Access to 6x pregnancy safe workout videos (10 – 25 minutes) suitable for ALL trimesters

  • Pilates Full Body workout (no equipment)
  • Lower Body Toning workout (no equipment)
  • Low Impact Cardio Fitness workout (no equipment)
  • Full Body Stretch workout (no equipment)
  • Full Term Pregnancy Strength workout (no equipment)
  • Full Body Resistance Band workout (band required, this is an optional routine)
Easy to Follow Workout Plans

  • Done for you workout plans for easy download or print
  • Work your whole body with these quick reference workout plans
  • Easily mix and match the routines here with your exercise glossary to target any strength or stretches you need throughout your whole pregnancy
Plus These Bonuses

BONUS #1: Pelvic Floor Instructional Video + Printable Training Guide

This resource will help you learn exactly where the pelvic floor are located and how you you need to activate then strengthen these muscles throughout pregnancy and beyond. It is vital that you learn this important technique for better postnatal recovery, your core and to help you throughout your life.

BONUS #2: Meditation Video

Follow along with this guided meditation to help you relieve stress, relax and take some time out to connect with your baby. A great resource to use in conjunction with your strength videos or on days where you feel fatigued.

BONUS #3: ‘Prep for Birth’ Stretch Video

Having a strong and supple pelvis ready for labor helps the delivery of your baby and your postnatal recovery. Follow along with this routine to help your body prepare for birth through breath work and pelvic-specific stretches.

and finally the most important and special bonus... BONUS #4: Access to private Facebook Group

Get professional guidance and support from Vanessa and team in our private Preggy Strong group, plus be supported with a community of amazing pregnant ladies on the same journey as you.

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It’s time to feel confident, energised and in control of your wellbeing for you and your baby amazing mum to be!

Get immediate access to your Preggy Strong Program:
  • Digital ebook including complete glossary of pregnancy-safe exercises, what to do and not to do, comprehensive guidelines on how to deal with pregnancy changes and more
  • Follow along workout videos
  • Downloadable Workout Plans
  • Pelvic Floor Instructional Video + Printable Quick Reference
  • Meditation Video
  • Prep for Birth Stretch Video
  • AND Access to the Special Private Facebook group for professional guidance, support and motivation


Get it for $197 (lifetime access)

Join Preggy Strong now and get your mind and body strong and balanced for the next amazing chapter in your life!

 I wish you, your baby and family all the very best and look forward to seeing you in the program.

Love from Vanessa Bartlett xx