Strengthening your core and learning to correctly work those muscles is crucial to your overall movement quality and prevention of injury.

Core strength can also help with pelvic stability, better posture and functional movement day to day, like getting up and down off the floor, or being able to move about with kids.

Core strength can often be overlooked as a fitness or body goal to make time for, as the more popular physique-related goals often get first place. Like weight loss, reshaping muscles and the like.

If you can integrate good core strength into any regime you are doing from a beginner to advanced level, this will enhance everything, I promise!

It becomes much easier to exercise with more freedom, ease and less aches and pains when you have a strong core because your body can handle the load of exercise – your centre is strong!

An important point to also remember is that when working on core strength, you need to target those deeper muscles that support the spine, like the Transverse Abs and Multifidus.

You will not get that by simply doing sit ups, either. In this 14 day challenge I will help you identify you are doing this correctly, plus work all layers of your core, back and abdominals for long term movement quality and feeling totally balanced and strong in your body.

Join here to start your 14 Day Core Strength Challenge:

Post your comments and progress on each video and I will get back to you if you have any questions! Good luck, see you there! 

Vanessa B