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Meet Vanessa

Many of you know my story, but many of you don’t! Why Pilates-based training? Who is Vanessabhealth and why bother listening? Well, I loved teaching fitness & health from a young age, till I got sick with adrenal fatigue. I had to stop exercise and questioned everything I had been taught in fitness! Luckily my downward spiral of physical and mental health allowed me to discover mind/body balance and Pilates & holistic training methods.

For years I’ve immersed myself in searching for better ways to stay in shape and improve the quality of your life – and its starts with your best physical health. I want you to feel confident, happy and thrive in your life.Nowadays my clients get results not only in physical transformation, but mindset and life improvement. Here is a short snippet (video) of what I’ve been up to the past few years on my mission to get women around the world: enhanced wellbeing, body confidence and healthier living without fads and quick-fixes. If you like ‘the next diet craze’ or ‘the next fitness fad’ or ‘extreme’ training regimes- I’m probably not for you.

If you like the idea of balanced exercise, reducing stress and getting your body and life in shape, connect with me on social.

Until we meet, ‘love your body, live your health.’ Vanessa Bartlett

Power to your Core,
Vanessa Bartlett xo

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