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Transform Your Body and Mind

10 Week Home Pilates Program building your core, flexibility, strength and muscle tone!

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Join me in the comfort of your own home to workout and build your body with holistic, safe and effective exercises uniquely designed to balance and strengthen your whole body!

If you have ever wondered about ‘Pilates’ now is the time to join me and experience the benefits for your self!

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  • Train your ‘core’ muscles
    (abdominals, back and posture). This is SO important for back pain prevention, maintaining good pelvic floor muscles, and having a strong foundation for all your exercise and daily movements.
  • Build a taller posture
    In learning to lengthen your spine and postural muscles you will be able to stop that slouching that we often have due to too much computer and phone usage. This can also help with neck pain in training your core and spine to be in a better position for work and using devices.
  • Trim your waistline
    You will learn traditional and modern Pilates-based exercises for your core that are designed to help you shrink in your waistline and get that lean, hourglass shape. These routines include focusing on training the deeper tummy muscles which not only strengthen you, but will help to give you a flatter tummy too.


  • Save time
    Forget the hassle of driving to a studio, then to find parking, and get your favourite spot! This program allows you to access the videos ANYWHERE on ANY DEVICE in the comfort of your own home. Great for busy people! You can do it when it suits you, or when the family is asleep.
  • Feel comfortable
    Sometimes it can be daunting or intimidating starting out at face to face classes. If you like the idea of doing things on your terms, at your own pace, then you will enjoy the variety of videos in the program where you can pick your favourite spot at home to make your own exercise space without feeling intimidated by others. It’s also nice to have your own quiet space while exercising at home too! Or if you are feeling you want some company, grab a friend or family member to do the videos with.
  • Save money
    Learning your Pilates routines step by step with these easy to follow videos are going to not only save you time, but also money. No memberships, no hassles. A one-off payment and you have access for life!


  • The way I have structured these videos includes a mind and body approach. Enjoy the combination of progressive Pilates an strength moves that will build you up week by week in an order that’s suitable for beginners and advanced.
  • If you have had had high stress, adrenal burnout or fatigue (like I had!) then you should avoid high-impact, hard-hitting, loaded exercise at all costs. In fact, if you do this with the above conditions you will hinder your health even more.
  • Enjoy the LIGHTER, more balanced approach with this program which will help you de-stress, find flexibility and strength in your body while energising your mind.
  • The bonus? You will tone and shape the WHOLE body: arms, legs, tummy, back, butt. All while approaching the movements without any impact while focusing on breath and flow for the ultimate balance or mind and body.

“I’ve never felt better. I’m feeling stronger and better everyday. I started to strengthen my back but I now have stronger muscles overall and have gotten into great shape! I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get fit and healthy.”


You will get:

10 x full length Pilates fitness videos (do these in order each week to get maximum results)

1 x BONUS Video ‘Core Test’ – this will help you discover exactly where you are at and then see the improvements over the 10 weeks

Each weekly video will give you a full body workout and stretch, with a different muscle focus to challenge you and work on shaping and toning the whole body

Plus 3 bonuses:



Reduce muscle aches


Gain flexibility in your joints


Improve aches and pains


Easy to follow stretch routines for all muscles



Learn the basic foundations


Learn how to work your core muscles correctly


Learn the correct technique


Set yourself up for success



Get access to simple, healthy meals


Get a variety of nutritious foods into your eating


Learn the secret to increasing your vitality and energy with the right foods

Get Instant Digital Access to Pilates Body Fit

$197 (lifetime access)

How Pilates Body Fit Was Started

With busy lifestyle and stress on the rise it’s so important today more than ever to be able to live our best health day to day. Mental health is a huge part of our wellbeing and this can also be challenged with the demands of everyday life and keeping up with your personal commitments.

You want to be able to feel incredible and healthy every day and be body confident – whatever that means to you. Each of you have an individual idea of what health and fitness means to you, so think about how achieving this can positively affect other areas of your life. It’s all linked. What one area of life is like affects other aspects. What it all starts with is a strong foundation to your physical wellness, and that my friends starts with a strong ‘core.’ (Basically the muscles comprising your tummy and back and deeper supporting postural muscles.)

And this is the premise of what formulated this Pilates online program – ‘10 Week Pilates Body Fit.’ Along with so many benefits you will begin to feel in your body like flexibility, inner strength, wellness, mental clarity, shapely muscle tone (to name a few !) you will enjoy approaching your exercise from a more holistic perspective. My own journey of health and fitness pushed me to develop a more holistic approach. I know what it’s like to be busy and have your health suffer!Here’s what happened.

Years back I went through adrenal fatigue and for 2 years had to cut back on all the exercise and fitness routines I had learned and practiced from a very young age. That was mentally and physically debilitating. I thought ‘how will I maintain muscle tone?’ ‘how will I stay strong and fit?’

As fate would have it, I fell into some great Pilates online classes and to face classes which inspired me to look into it even more.

You see, I was starting to feel that energy and vitality come back into my body that I had missed for so long! During adrenal fatigue you feel like you are completely zapped for energy every day. Even though I was a successful personal trainer with my clients getting excellent results, I was so exhausted and sick during this time. So to feel a boost of energy again was incredible!

That’s what the online Pilates and classes did for me. I decided at that point to study what this method of exercise was really all about. What I discovered was something greater than just physical strength, a more shapely body and better posture, flexibility and core. It was the discovery of the mind and body connection, the discovery of mental presence and deeper, more effective breathing.

Not only that – but a restored and more balanced feeling within my mindset, a powerful feeling of wellbeing and inner strength I had not felt before even from years of gym training.

After studying countless courses and now presenting for Pilates on TVSN , Channel 7 Morning Show and other online Pilates and lifestyle shows, I am so honoured to be able to help you with your physical fitness through this method. Doing something that may be a little different is the way to break out of your comfort zone!

My 10 week online Pilates program will help you feel refreshed, strong, more mentally present, improve your breathing and flexibility and get those important core muscles super strong for great posture and less back pain!

Benefits of Pilates Body Fit

Pilates Body Fit focuses on building strength for your whole body while reducing stress and connecting mind and body.
Vanessa Bartlett uniquely combines the best of Pilates body-weight exercises plus effective and no impact fitness moves to help you restore your mind and build your body.

In Week 1 you will get a strong foundation to your breath, technique and muscle work, and build nicely on this each week for continued challenge and motivation within your routines.

The system is in 3 phases:

WEEK 1-3 : Stabilise WEEKS 4-7: Strengthen WEEKS 8-10: Shape

The great thing is you can stay with each video for as long as you need to until you feel ready to move on! By the third phase you will be challenged with full body routines to really get your metabolism going. This unique balance of 3 phased movement routines helps your results in core strength, flexibility, de-stressing the mind and re-shaping the whole body.

Pilates is a method popular among professional athletes, dancers, and now millions around the world. If you are sick of grueling exercise or a beginner at exercise altogether, then this is for you.

Exercise and health has evolved. Work smarter with your body, not harder! You will love how you begin to feel being rejuvenated, strong, toned and new sense of energy from Pilates body Fit.

It’s step by step so you can choose to stay with your phase 1 videos until you are ready for the next 2 phases. This helps to build your stamina and technique to get you ready for the following workouts and to keep your body challenged and off plateauing.

Pilates Body Fit is convenient – you can do it anywhere
as there is no equipment needed! Just a mat

Here’s what some of my clients are saying :

‘Vanessa is a great trainer who really gets your technique right and easily explained.’


‘I’ve managed to improve my posture and strengthen my back muscles. Thanks for this experience.’


I can get more out of my day now with a more positive outlook when I do the videos first thing in the morning. This has made a huge change to my mental health, flexibility and core strength.’


‘Great videos, my posture is getting better and I love the variety!’


‘My waistline has shaped up and lost cms, I’m super happy after having kids that I can do this.’


Now let me tell you, it wasn’t smooth sailing last year after the birth of my baby. Everything went well he was born beautifully and it was the most intense, amazing experience to have a baby! During the birth, my coccyx was badly damaged, I had abdominal separation (about 5 cm which is pretty big), plus my pelvic floor were very weakened.

I couldn’t actually walk properly, sit, or stand without intensive pain for 7 weeks. It was awful. Here I was trying to take care of this beautiful baby (thank goodness I have wonderful family and friends who help) and I could barely move. Not in the best shape at all when everyone would say ‘you will be fine, your birth will be easy,’ ‘you will recover really quick.’ Ummm, no I didn’t at all.

A few weeks into having gorgeous Lincoln, I really wanted to do some Pilates – I missed it terribly! And also missed the mental clarity it gave especially being sleep deprived as a new mum. So I ventured onto the computer and bit by bit started to do this Pilates online program – the one you are about to do!

I figured well I can’t get out to drive to do a class at my studio around the baby, so I will do it right here. The first few weeks I took it really easy, and some days only managed 10 or 15 minutes , but that was enough to slowly bring it back into the body in safe way, and start to heal the muscles and bring back that strength.

I would feel so amazing and relieved, you know that ‘ahhh’ sigh of relief when I’d finish a video or even part of a video with little bubs laying next to me most of the time.

I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. You see, not only had my physical fitness gone right down with several injuries from the birth, but I had also gained nearly 14 kg during the pregnancy. That was a fair amount for. I’ll let you in on a secret…I was eating meat and cheese pizzas, hot chips and chicken burgers most day of the pregnancy with such strong cravings for these foods! Well, I did have a hungry little boy in there and that food helped stop the nausea, so heck I ate that food and enjoyed it.

About 4 weeks after having Lincoln I thought enough is enough I need to get my eating back on track. So started back with the salads, veges, lean protein and healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, yogurt. And really watched my portion sizes. Along with my very own Pilates online videos and good eating, I was able to shift that 14kg and return to my pre-baby weight within 4 months.

My abdominal have almost completely healed – although I’m not trying to rush this. It takes time. And by the way – if you have ‘abdominal separation’ ensure you get your GP to clear you before any exercise especially abdominal movements. (If you need a good video with basic core exercises to help ease back after baby, check out my videos on Youtube under ‘ Prenatal and Postnatal Workouts.’)

You have the right feel incredible, healthy, and balanced every day! It’s time to focus on yourself and put your own needs first. Building a healthy, strong body is a prerequisite to happiness. Even Joseph Pilates himself said this!

So the question is…where are you right now? Maybe you have tried ‘exercise’ in the past and it’s not make you feel the way it’s meant to. If you leave feeling over-exhausted or sore where it causes you injury, then it’s not the right method for your body. I see time and time again people doing incorrect training for where they are at and it ends up costing more in time, money and effort to fix these niggly pains and injuries. Is it really worth it?

I want you to feel confident and in control of your well being. Be proactive rather than reactive on your fitness goals. Feel self-worth and know that you are incredible and that so many people rely on you, so it’s time to keep yourself strong and fit with a gentler approach.

You know what is one of the best secrets about my online Pilates? The fact that I’ve combined some specialised fitness moves in there to boost up the workouts in a few of those sessions – all optionally of course. This unique combination of fitness, strength, yoga and Pilates moves gets results. I’ve brought together the best of these practices to bring you an online Pilates program that delivers you effective workouts without the impact of other exercise.

Week by week you will build your body, notice changes in re-shaping your waistline and much more! Stick to the order of the videos and the frequency of sessions per week and you will be a fitter, healthier, stronger you in 10 weeks.

I’m on this journey with you and wish you best in health.

I look forward to seeing you in our Facebook group ! Remember to hashtag #powertoyourcore and #vanessabhealth with a picture of you doing the moves in our videos!

Power to your Core,

Vanessa Bartlett


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
The secret lies in the unique combination of traditional Pilates exercises and fitness movements to give you a holistic and effective workout. The 3 phases allow your body to build on a strong foundation of technique to carefully advance through different workouts each week. The great thing is you can go at your own pace and repeat whichever videos you feel you need to. By combining specialised Pilates and fitness moves plus building on the routines each week, it brings your body into a safe progression and allows you to go at your own pace. It works by getting your technique happening , then the later phase of the program challenges your metabolism and fitness with more challenging Pilates and strengthening sequences.
Who is Pilates Body Fit for?
Anyone who wants to have the convenience to workout from home in your own time, while getting trained by an expert who will be there every step of the way with you. It is for people wanting a holistic, no-impact approach to exercise and wanting that mind-body connection while getting fitter, stronger and enjoying rejuvenation of energy and clarity for your health. If you are not into gyms or don’t have the time to travel to Pilates studios, this is a great way to make working out convenient for your lifestyle. You can do it anywhere. It is suitable for beginners as it takes you step by step through each video building on each workout. The beauty is you can stack with each video as long as you like until you feel ready to build on it.
How is this different to Pilates classes?
With large organisations churning out ‘Pilates Instructors’ who can be qualified in a very short space of time you never really know what you are getting when you go to big chain facilities with ‘Pilates classes’ on the timetable. Not to mention being in a room with 40 to 50 other people quite often in larger places where it’s crowded and there may be little attention to detail. Plus driving to get to class can be tough in traffic these days!

Pilates Body Fit will teach you from the basics – the right starting point to help you understand the best technique and get you results. Having the convenience of digital access with an expert in the industry (trainer, presenter, writer) will give you assurance you are getting someone who cares about you and your results.

Is this suitable if I’m pregnant?
You need to always check with your Doctor about exercise while pregnant. This program is not suitable for pregnant women. Instead, head to Vanessa’s Pregnancy Class Program Online for prenatal Pilates online videos if you have been approved by your doctor for gentle exercise.
Is my credit card safe?
Stripe is the portal for your payment and is a world-renowned trusted provider of merchant online facilities.

Final Words

Pilates Body Fit is suitable for beginners to advanced exercise goers. If you have done nothing in years, that’s ok! Vanessa has got your back. If you are an experienced exerciser and wanting variety, deep strength and a fresh way of getting great results for stress relief, flexibility, toning and core strength, this is for you also.

This online Pilates program will also help you to enhance fat burning and boost your metabolism, plus improve breathing with the special techniques and movements used. You will reduce stress and begin to enjoy a clearer mind, while building and toning your whole body.

If you are ready for positive change, join us now and start to experience the benefits for your lifestyle!

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$197 (lifetime access)